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24 Board Games


24: Countdown Game

The 24: Countdown Game was released in 2006. The plot was that a terrorist has infiltrated the CTU. As Agents, you had to uncover which player was the terrorist. The covert Terrorist tryied to collect contraband tech to thwart Jack and the CTU.

Players are dealt 8 cards. During this initial deal, one player is assigned the role of terrorist. There are twenty-four rounds of gameplay. Each round tells the players which suit must be played in order to win the trick. The Jack Bauer Card is wild and wins any trick. A player who wins a trick must either draw and keep two cards or draw and follow the instructions from the top card of the Action Deck. The terrorist wins the game by not being eliminated and having the most points or by eliminating all the other players. Any other player can win by eliminating the terrorist or by having the most points.

There is also an unrelated online only game called 24: Countdown.

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24: CTU: Undercover Game

24baordgameThe game features a unique system to track information on your special PDA game piece. When you place the die cut screen over your PDA to give and get critical information from other players, you get closer to defeating the enemy and winning CTU Undercover.

In the box you get a 24 "Clock" game mat, Jack Bauer pawn with base, 4 "Personal Digital Assistants" (PDA's), Pad of PDA tracker sheets, 6 PDA faceplates, 24 CTU cards, Spinner, Rules.

For 2-4 players.


24: DVD Board Game

Players become CTU agents vying to collect clues and prevent terrorist attacks. Participate in the onscreen games and challenges, analyze data and decide which clues you're going to follow. Some will be vital while others may lead to misleading evidence or total dead ends. Your decisions will take you down different paths, and as the DVD's timer ticks, the action and suspense really amp up. Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland.

Throughout the game, the DVD also acts as a timer, counting down the 24 hours to the terrorist attack that the players are working to prevent. A "virtual CTU office" allows players to analyze data. Age: 13+ Years

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24 Clue

24clueA 24-themed version on the classic board game Cluedo.

Players are suspected of being a traitor in CTU, and they must collect clues and eliminate options to find out the correct person, weapon and room.

  • 9 custom pewter weapons
  • 6 CTU agents as the suspects their security badges as the movers
  • Intrigue and Clock cards ? new to the Clue brand, they provide directives that add fun and intrigue as well as faster game play
  • Custom game board features a map of the inside of the CTU offices


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