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24: The Game

PlayStation 2

24: The Game24: The Game is a third-person shooter released in 2006 for PlayStation 2.

As the player, you control many characters at different points in the game. The missions in the game involve elements of third-person shooter, driving and puzzle games.

The Game makes use of actors' voices and likenesses from the TV series. The events contained in the game are set in Los Angeles between the Season 2 and Season 3 of the show. The story features three plotlines that overlap around a character from Jack Bauer's past named Peter Madsen.

The musical score was composed by Sean Callery and the script was written by Duppy Demetrius and the series production team. The game received a BAFTA award nomination for its screenplay elements.

It starts around an attack on Vice-President Jim Prescott, it moves on to an attack on the Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). The final section of the game covers a major terrorist attack and attempt to gain access to nuclear weapons.Main characters returning include Jack Bauer, Kimberly "Kim" Bauer, Tony Almeida, Michelle Dessler, Chase Edmunds, David Palmer, Max, Kate Warner, and Ryan Chappelle, with Peter Madsen being voiced by Christian Kane.

Most of the missions take place in third-person shooting format, combined with the use of a cover system. When a character is behind a low object like a crate, or at the edge of a corner or doorframe, they can press a button to use the object or edge as cover. Another button will allow the character to peer around and enter a targeting mode, while releasing the button will quickly return them to cover. There is also a stealth mode which has the character stoop, walk silently (unless running), duck behind any low obstacles they can hide behind and be less detectable by sound. A character can sneak up behind an enemy using stealth mode and perform a silent "stealth takeout" by breaking his neck.
In third-person missions and occasionally some other types, a PDA is available. In the PDA the player can view their list of objectives (which can change over the course of a mission), maps of the area if available, a help screen and a list of weapons held with information on each.

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