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24 Mobile Games

24:The Mobile Game

24: The Mobile GamePlot
The game takes place after the conclusion of Season 3 and prior to the Season 4 prequel. An encrypted message sent to the North Korean consulate is intercepted by CTU agent Chloe O'Brian that implicates the North Koreans in a possible attack on the USA. The North Korean government refutes their involvement in any such operation and adds that any action taken against their people or their regarding these outlandish accusations will be seen as an act of war.

The player guides Jack Bauer and other CTU agents through a series of mini-games and puzzles.

The game is no longer available. Know something we don’t? Contact us here.

24: Agent Down24: Agent Down

24: Agent Down takes place between Seasons 4 and 5.  A confidential file containing the personal information of all CTU operatives around the world falls into the hands of an unknown terrorist organization. Jack and his team must track down the missing file and neutralize the terrorist threat.  As Jack, Curtis or Chloe, play a series of 24 time-sensitive missions and save the day again.

The game combines puzzle mini-games with stealth-oriented action, as players infiltrate CTU to neutralize enemies and rescue hostages. You can take out terrorists by entering a sniper mode, or plant explosives to use as a distraction.

The game is no longer available. Know something we don’t? Contact us here.

 24: Special Ops24: Special Ops (iPhone)

You step into Jack Bauer’s shoes for a suspense-packed 24 hours of in-the-field action, combined with code breaking, bomb defusing and car chasing. The plot concerns nuclear warheads, helicopters, code-cracking, bomb-disposal and an arms dealer, Dietrich, all of which you either enact as Jack Bauer or learn about through talking-head cut-scenes with fellow operatives Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian.

Each level is introduced with the words 'The following takes place...' and then a green LCD display of the time of day, complete with beeping countdown. There are three main sub-games:
Isometric shooter. The player spends the majority of their time, making their way through a series of levels taking down various henchmen.
Driving. Involves barrelling vertically along a four lane road, weaving through traffic and occasionally barging another driver off the road.
Puzzle. There are two kinds: one in which you have to rotate pieces of pipe on a grid so that a line can run from one side of the screen to the other, and the second is a variant of hangman in which you need to discover the missing letters in a phrase before a timer runs down.

Get the game for iPhone here: 24: Special Ops

24: Jack Bauer24: Jack Bauer

Jack’s back to tackle an all-new threat. You step into Jack Bauer’s shoes in 24 suspense-packed episodes of ‘24’ action. Confront attackers, fight helicopters, drive vehicles & much more in an intense day full of authentic adrenaline-packed ‘24’ adventure. Go to the edge of disaster as you defuse bombs, break codes and chase cars in the ultimate ‘24’ experience!

Tackle several mini-game challenges along the way to averting disaster including bomb defusing, code breaking and car chases. You can take on intense in-the-field action as you chase down attackers, fight helicopters, confront terrorists and also interact and co-operate with ‘24’ regulars like Chloe O’Brian.

Get the game for your phone here: 24: Jack Bauer


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