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24: Web Games

Countdown24: Countdown

24: Countdown was a web based racing game that could be played online at Fox's official website.

The game consisted of three driving missions, each of which had one primary objective and several secondary objectives (such as "Neutralize 5 enemies"). Completing the primary objectives opened the next level, while completing all the secondary objectives for all three missions unlocked a "reward," consisting of several free custom desktop wallpapers.

According to the date on Jack's phone in the game, this story takes place on a Monday, December 20 but the year is unknown. A female agent contacts Jack with information regarding the current mission, but she is not given a name.

There is also an unrelated board game called 24: Countdown Game.

operationinstinctOperation Instinct

Operation Instinct was a puzzle game on the FOX official website. Each week, starting from January 12, 2009, a new puzzle was unlocked. The timeline of Operation Instinct follows Season 7.

The operation is explained in the game, "We've managed to tap an encrypted communication channel. It's transmitting intel we believe vital to our current operations, but in severely scrambled form. Your mission: decrypt each transmission. We expect to intercept one every 7 days and will activate a mission for you each time. Check in weekly for your next activated mission".

The player is given "Deep Black" security level, as absolute security is necessary. However, the message says that more agents may be recruited at the player's discretion. The missions' times refer to the episodes aired that week. Each jigsaw puzzle was split into a number of rectangular pieces, with the pieces getting slightly smaller each mission.

operationheroOperation Hero

Operation Hero was a tie-in to Season 8 on the FOX official website. Each week, starting from January 17, 2010, new emails were unlocked. The time-line of Operation Hero follows Season 8.

Operation Hero establishes Season 8 as occurring on May 20-21 and was written by 24 script coordinators Geoff Aull and Shauna McGarry.


These games are no longer available on the web.

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