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24 is now back on our screens with the London-based 24: Live Another Day. The show premiered in the US and UK on the 5th/6th May 2014.

The early reviews are out and it's a bit of a mixed bag. It seems some made up their mind before giving the show a chance, other welcome Jack back with open arms.

Below is a representiative selection from various media outlets.

  • The New YorK Times: "The show is more of the same that filled all the days that came before, and that’s not always desirable."
  • Telegraph UK: "Still delivers thrills" (4/5 Stars)
  • TV Fanatic: "I didn't realize how much I missed Jack until I had him back even if it is for a limited run. Get ready for this summer's roller coaster ride 24 fans. The clock is ticking."
  • USA Today: "...no sign of the show's two most tired tropes -- the agency mole and the White House conspirator -- the revival so far includes of all the things you love (or don't) about 24."
  • Buddy TV: "If there are things about 24 that bugged you in the final few seasons, they're going to continue to bug you."
  • TIME: "If you felt (like I did) that the series had said all it had to say after eight years, the reboot looks skippable. As someone says to Jack in the show’s first hour, “You were really something, Bauer–back in the day."

But most importantly - WHAT DID YOU THINK?
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