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24: Legacy Cast

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Below is a list of the main cast you can expect to see in 24: Legacy.

• Our lead character is played by Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter. He is an ex-Army Ranger who has returned to America and is determined to stop the terrorist attacks that may follow.
• Anna Diop as Nicole Carter, Eric's wife.
• Miranda Otto as Rebecca Ingram, the former head of the now revived Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) in Los Angeles, and the wife of Senator John Donovan, who is running for President of the United States.
• Ashley Thomas as Isaac Carter, older brother of Eric who is angry at him for their bitter past involving Eric's wife, Nicole.
• Charlie Hofheimer as Marcus Grimes, Eric's former comrade in the Army Ranger Unit who is now suffering from PTSD.
• Jimmy Smits as John Donovan, a Senator who is running for President, and is husband to Rebecca Ingram.
• Teddy Sears as Keith Mullins, the ambitious and driven head of CTU, who previously worked under Rebecca.
• Sheila Vand as Nilaa, the campaign director of Senator John Donovan.
• Dan Bucatinsky as Andy, a communication analyst at CTU who is trusted by Rebecca and is unhappily paired computer analyst Gia.
• Coral Peña as Gia, a bright, young, self-taught computer analyst who is paired with Andy.